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4 summer sauces you need for your BBQ

We all love a summer barbecue, but don’t forget the real stars of the show - the condiments! Your sauce selection can take things from zero to hero with a simple squirt. From spicy mayo to American mustard, here’s the four summer sauces you need for your BBQs this year.

Chipotle Mayonnaise - £3.15

It’s the mayo you know and love, but with a smoky twist! Perfect for scooping up with nachos or smothering over a burger that’s straight off the BBQ - this Chipotle Mayo brings a hint of mexican spice to any meal!

Béarnaise Sauce - £2.85

Get your BBQ fired up and throw on the best steak you can source as our Bearnaise sauce is about to take things to the next level! A blend of rich tarragon and butter complements red meats perfectly. This sumptuous sauce is not only naturally low in sugar but is also gluten free.

Smokey BBQ Sauce - £3.15

Nothing makes you feel more like King (or Queen!) of the BBQ than marinating a whole rack of ribs. Whether you have a secret spice blend you like to use or you just want to splash some sauce on, our Smokey BBQ Sauce is just what you need to add plenty of flavour. For an extra saucey hit, spread thickly over the ribs as they come off the BBQ using a brush.

American Deli Mustard - £2.85

This is the one sauce guaranteed to get your guests talking! Our American Deli Mustard is the perfect pairing for a classic hotdog - just add pickles and fried onions and you’re good to serve. It’s also delicious in a pastrami sandwich for a true taste of the USA.

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Posted on Mon, 21/06/2021 - 16:12 by emmapryke
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