How to Bottle and Sell Your Own Sauce Product

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We know exactly what it takes to get your sauce product onto the shelves - we started manufacturing our own sauces from home and now we're selling to stockists around the country. We're also in a position to help you get your sauce product on to the shelves! We've put together this how-to guide in order to help get you ready..

#1 Perfect your product

Of course, you are the best person for knowing your product - is it ready to go?! Have you perfected the taste of the sauce? Is your sauce really going to hit it off when it hits the shelves? You'll know from any feedback you'll have recieved during testing and surveys whether it's really as good as it can be (is it too salty, does it need a bit of improvement on texture.. that sort of thing).

Once it's ready to go and you're as happy as can be with your product, you're ready for the next step.

#2 Legalities

Know any legalities involed in selling a sauce product. Under UK laws, you're responsible for ensuring the sauce you are selling is safe and meets all applicable standards. For example, ensuring product labeling is available for the product before it is purchased, the nutritional information is kept up to date and is part of the labeling, the food is safe to eat and manufactured in a safe and clean environment.. That sort of thing.

#3 Patent your sauce

1. Can your sauce be made or used?
2. Is your sauce a new product?
3. Is your sauce inventive? I.e it's not just a modified version of an already existing sauce product, it really is a new invention?

If you have answered yes to the above 3 questions, then we would highly recommend patenting your product. This will prevent any one else from making, selling and copying your product - you can take legal action against them if they do. Of course, if you are happy to let others copying your sauce, then you can skip this step.

Getting a patent is simple - visit the website and search for 'patenting your product'. You'll have to pay, but we think it's worth your while.

#4 Keep costs in mind

Always remember, keep costs in mind whilst you're developing your product and getting your sauce ready for the markets. As well as being your passion, you're doing this to make a profit at the end of the day. Ensure it's going to be worth while and it's going to sell!

#5 Develop your branding

Perhaps one of the most important factors in selling a sauce product, or in fact any product on the shelves today, is the right branding; give your sauce a good name, use suitable colours that will attract - make not only the actual sauce, but it's bottle look as good as you can. Think of purchasing a sauce yourself from the supermarket - would you go for a sauce that doesn't look very appetising, or is contained in an unsightly bottle? No you wouldn't, and neither would your customers.

#6 Bottle your sauce

If you're unable to bottle your product from home, then you'll need to approach sauce manufacturers who can do this for you. A quick Google search for 'sauce manufacturers UK' will prodive you with a nice little list of manufacturers who will be willing to help you. Always remember point #4 above, keep costs in mind! This needs to be profitable.. Don't just stick to one manufacturer, be competitive and get quotes from a range of manufacturers.

#7 Sell, sell, sell..

You're ready to go! Now that you have your product, you can start approaching stockists and asking them to sell your sauce for you.

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