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How to start your own sauce manufacturing business

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Perhaps just like you, we started out small; making our Classic Mayonnaise from the kitchen at home! You can read more on that on our Who we are page.

Not meaning to blow our own trumpet, but we like to think of ourselves as a successful sauce manufacturing business and we are now trying to offer tips and advice to you in the hopes we can kick start your new venture too!

#1 Make and perfect your product
Naturally, you may have already done this. You've created a sauce that you think will wow the market. It tastes divine, it gets great feedback and it looks great! You know it will sell and you just love the sauce that you have made. That's great! That's why you're here reading this; you now need to know how to start the sauce business. If you need help on how to make your own sauce product, you can read our blog post on how to make your own mayonnaise - this will give you a simple recipe to begin with.

#2 Know your recipe
Now that you have the perfect sauce, you need to know your recipe. You'll soon be ready to start manufacturing in-house or approaching sauce manufacturers to gather quotes. Knowing your recipe means knowing how to scale it up in order to provide commercial quantities. You or your manufacturer will be procuding this sauce product in large quantities; you'll need to scale up your recipe to be able to produce these large quantites. Note that when scaling up a recipe, you'll need to ensure the end product always tastes the same. You must always be very accurate with quantities and timings.

#3 Write your business plan
Any good business needs a business plan, especially if you are approaching investors! You'll need to include in your plan things such as financial information - projected profits, expenses, that sort of thing - any business growth that you foresee, your mission statement, details on your products and recipes, the businesses' leadership team and staff names and general business info including name, address and contact information. Perhaps get some professional help with writing your business plan if you feel you need to.

#4 Patent your sauce!
Can your sauce be made or used? Is your sauce a new product? Is your sauce inventive? I.e it's not just a modified version of an already existing sauce product, it really is a new invention? If you have answered yes to these simple questions, then we would highly recommend that you patent your sauce product. This will prevent any one else from making, selling and copying your product - you can take legal action against them if they do. Of course, if you are happy to let others copying your sauce, then you can skip this step. Getting a patent is simple - visit the website and search for 'patenting your product'. You'll have to pay, but we think it's worth your while.

#5 Set up the business
With this sort of business, you're not going to want to go self employed! You'll need to regsiter your business with Companies House if your're in the UK. You'll also likely need a business bank account, accounting software, perhaps Payroll software etc.

#6 Know the legalities involved in selling food products
This stage is important! You must know inside-out any legalities involed in selling your sauce. Under UK laws, you are responsible for ensuring the sauce you are selling is safe and meets all applicable standards. For example, you must ensure product labeling is available for the product before it is purchased, the nutritional information is kept up to date and is part of the labeling, the food is safe to eat and manufactured in a safe and clean environment. These are just some of the legalities involved, there are others! Spend some time researching food production laws and making notes.

#7 Bottle and sell your sauce
We're not going to spend an awful lot of time writing a peice for this section as we've already done that. Refer to our 'How to bottle & Sell Your Own Sauce Product' blog post.

Have fun and enjoy the wonderful benefits of selling your own sauce product. There's really not much better than seeing your own product hit the shelves!

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