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We've got your St. Patrick's Day feast Sorted..

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Saint Patrick's Day is held yearly on March 17th and is an Irish tradition, often celebrated around the World - particularly by those Irish at heart!

It's also known by the 'Feast of Saint Patrick'.

The annual celebration is held in order to remember Saint Patrick - a Patron Saint of Ireland.

Celebrations of the day often include festivals and parties and it's tradition to dress in green clothing and shamrock. Of course no Irish celebration would go without a banquet of food and alcohol! Lots of it!

This is where we come in.. we've put together a tradition Irish dinner for you (you can thank us later!)

Soda Bread
No feast would be complete with bread - soda bread if you're Irish. This bread is yeast-less, and instead using Bicarbonate of Soda as a substitute - that's where it gets its fluffy and dense texture and flavour from. Trust us - if you like bread, you'll LOVE Soda Bread. I've tried this myself when in Ireland and it's what I miss most! To add extra flavour, you can add a variety of your favourite ingredients - nuts, seeds etc.

Potato Bread
Staying with the bread, another Irish favourite is Potato Bread. You guessed it - this one uses forms of potato to replace a portion or all of the flour. You can also add a variety of ingredients to flavour - nuts, seeds etc to this one.

Irish Stew - of course! What can be more filling and heartening than a gorgeous Irish Stew. Traditionaly made with Lamb and vegetables you can also through in potatoes (I'm saying this in an Irish accent as I type). Mutton is a great replacement for Lamb if that's more your thing.

In other words - Irish mashed potato. You'll love this coupled with either Soda Bread, Potato Bread or both if you're like me! Colcannon is a rather creamy mash with mixed green vegetables and scallions. Lush.

A pint of Guinness beer on the barAs for dessert..
We've tried to suggest an easy to prepare one here. Apple Cake. A traditional Irish dessert that all the family will love. Delicious with or without custard! Give it a try..

To finish it all off with a drink..
All we can say here is GUINNESS!

Let us know how you like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and we hope you all enjoy!

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