What is Burns Night?

The Scottish Flag

You may have heard of the yearly celebration 'Burns Night' and wondered what is it? Why is it celebrated? And maybe who is Burns?

Well you're in the right place, so stay tuned to find out more..

What is it?
Burns night is a yearly celebration, typically celebrated in Scotland and by those throughout the World that are Scottish-at-heart.

The celebration is a commemoration to the Scottish poet Robert Burns who has not only written many poems, but has also made a huge contribution to the life and culture of the Scottish people.

You and I would most likely know him for his work 'Auld Lang Syne' - a poem he wrote that is traditionally sung at the strike of Midnight on New Years Eve - waving goodbye to a year and welcoming in the new. It's often sung along at funerals, farewell gatherings etc.

What happens on Burns Night?
The evening can be celebrated in any way you wish, but usually, Burns Night consists of an evening meal - something traditionally Scottish - maybe some Haggis!

When is Burns Night?
Burns Night falls on the same day every year; the 25th of January. The reason for this is that's the day Robert Burns was born.

Here's to a happy and healthy Burns Night 2018 to all of our Scottish customers!

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