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What's the difference between Béarnaise Sauce and Hollandaise Sauce?

In our opinion, any steak or salmon dish is not complete without either a blob of Béarnaise or Hollandaise Sauce on the slide. Either of these condiments has the ability to completely transform these dishes into something wonderful!

Both Béarnaise and Hollandaise are made by blending together butter, egg yolk and any form of acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice. Therefore, at the base, they are both pretty similar sauces. Both are to be warmed up and added to your dish.

Hollandaise was the first of the two sauces to be introduced, with Béarnaise coming at a later date. The main difference is the ingredients that make up the sauces; Hollandaise is made from egg yolk, butter, salt and lemon juice, whereas Béarnaise is traditionally made with white wine vinegar as apposed to lemon juice. Béarnaise also has shallots and fresh herbs, whereas Hollandaise doesn't.

Tradtionally, Béarnaise Sauce is great with steak and Hollandaise with Eggs Benedict.

Why not try our Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce?! Or perhaps your more of a Beef with Béarnaise kind of person?!

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