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Balsamic & Honey Mustard

Balsamic & Honey Mustard

Balsamic & Honey Mustard - a truly unique, yet gorgeous mustard which is quickly becoming a favourite here at The Condiment Company.

We've perfected the recipe - the sweet balsamic tempers the power of the mustard giving just the most devine mustard you could find! If you're a fan of Mustard and you like balsamic, then you've found treasure right here.

There's lots you can do with our Balsamic & Honey Mustard - it's great with salads, for coating red meats and using as a base for a Diane sauce. Of course, this mustard can be used any way you wish - be sure to let us know what you do with yours (we love the feedback).

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Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate once opened and use within 1 month.
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