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Colder days, longer nights.. Winter is here

It's fair to say that summer is over, and the darker evenings are finally here, although its not really cold yet we do like the excuse of a fire of an evening, we've even been roasting some chestnuts!

Why not have a browse through our secure online shop and see what condiments will warm you up. If you're looking for something hot, can we recommend our Hot English Mustard.

Not a fan of mustard? Try our Hot Chilli Mayonnaise.

Looking ahead we see Christmas looming like a slightly too glittery, misteltoe and holly fuelled steam train and we're looking forward to it!

Where our passion comes from…
We started making mayonnaise in 1986, selling to local chefs for their restaurants; it went so well that we started manufacturing our mayonnaises full time. It all started out with our gold award-winning classic mayonnaise (Great Taste Awards). We then went into making bespoke products for a wide range of other farm shop and deli focussed companies.

With a small but dedicated team, we have gone on to develop a wonderful range of delightful mayonnaises, table sauces, mustards and dressings, all of which suit every pallet and food situation! All of our condiments are manufactured in small batches, ensuring that each and every one of our end consumers has the freshest product available, meeting our own exacting standards.

Happy New Year!!! We're open and back in business..