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A jar of our Horseradish Sauce next to a roll
A jar of our Horseradish Sauce - The Condiment Company

This one is one of our best sellers! Creamy with a nose clearing bite, this will truly have you zinging. Delicious mixed into mashed potato or even for spicing up your Bloody Mary. A must have accompaniment for traditional roast beef or roast beef sandwich, whatever takes your fancy.

EnergyFat(of which saturates)Carbohydrate(of which sugars)FibreProteinSalt
Per 100g232kcal / 963kJ18.8g1.4g10.8g7.2g-2.5g1.44g
Product weight 
Store in a cool dry place, refrigerate once opened and use within 1 month
Horseradish (73%) (horseradish, spirit vinegar, rapeseed oil, whey powder, salt, guar gum (thickener), citric acid (acidifier), sodium metabisulphite (antoxidant)) (Milk, Sulphites), Rapeseed Oil, Spirit Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Cornflour, Sugar, Salt
Milk, Sulphites
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