Sussex Valley

Sussex Valley logoWe started making our mayonnaise products back in 1986 as Sussex Valley, selling to local chefs for their restaurants.

Our Sussex Valley Classic Mayonnaise won Gold Award at The Great Taste Awards!

Due to popular demand, we then went on to making bespoke products for a wide range of other farm shops, delis and outlets for locally produced condiments as Sussex Valley.

With a small but dedicated team, we have gone on to develop a wonderful range of delightful mayonnaises, sauces, table sauces, mustards and salad dressings to suit different tastes and to compliment World food dishes. We've grown and grown into a blossoming producer and manufacturer of a range of successul condiment products.

We're now known as The Condiment Company, as opposed to the original Sussex Valle

All of our condiments are manufactured in small batches, ensuring that each and every one of our end consumers has the freshest product available, meeting our own exacting standards.

You may still hear of us being reffered to as Sussex Valley every now and then but keep an eye out for our newly re-branded products from The Condiment Company!