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Sauces to serve with a Roast Dinner

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Things don’t get more British than a classic Roast Dinner. Be it Roast Beef, Chicken or even a wholesome nut roast, it’s well known that it’s not what you serve it on, it’s what you serve it with! So which sauces to serve with a roast dinner? We explain all…

Roast Beef

King of the roast dinner, Roast Beef is traditionally served on a Sunday and cooked medium-rare. Pair with a mighty home-cooked Yorkshire pudding for extra brownie points. The condiments we’d serve with roast beef would be English Mustard, Wholegrain Mustard and a dab of firey Horseradish Sauce. To make your roast beef even tastier, massage it before roasting with a mix of mustard and flour for a delicious crust.

Horseradish Sauce by The Condiment Co

Roast Chicken

The family favourite, a roast chicken always goes down well with the kids. Traditionally served with stuffing, roast chicken pairs well with tasty gravy, and perhaps wholegrain mustard – sweet and not too overpowering for the delicate flavour of the chicken.

Wholegrain Mustard - The Condiment Co

Roast Turkey/Christmas Lunch

Is it really Christmas without a roast turkey? As with most British traditions, this one is steeped in history, with the process of securing the right sized turkey commencing way before the big day arrives. Traditionalists pair roast turkey with a festive cranberry sauce and bread sauce.

Roast Pork

Whether it’s rolled with stuffing, pork belly or roasted with crackling, roast pork is a Sunday favourite. Pork pairs extremely well with apple, so apple sauce is the condiment of choice. We also love a swirl of wholegrain mustard in the gravy to cut through the sweetness of the apple.

Nut Roast

Nut Roasts are a wholesome and filling alternative to roast meats but done right, can be a delicious pairing to the roasted vegetables and sides. Nut roasts can sometimes be a little dry so pair well with a tasty gravy – we like to make ours with red wine and wholegrain mustard.

Roast lamb

Roast lamb and mint are a marriage made to last. Make your own mint sauce by finely chopping fresh mint, adding a splash of malt vinegar and a pinch of sugar (dissolve by stirring). Leave for a half-hour for the flavours to develop. We also love mustard with the richness of the lamb, English Mustard adds the perfect hit of flavour for your plate.

Sides – Make your Roast Dinner even better

Cauliflower Cheese

Pigs in Blankets

Braised Red Cabbage

Creamed Leeks

Brussel sprouts and pancetta

Roasted Parsnips

Goose fat roast potatoes

Sage and Onion stuffing

Planning a roast dinner?

Why not check out our Ravishing Roast Bundle – packed with the sauces you need to take your next roast dinner from zero to hero! Contains English and Wholegrain mustard and Horseradish Sauce.

Roast Dinner condiment selection by the Condiment Co

Up your gravy game by adding a spoonful of wholegrain mustard to your mix. It works with all meats and pairs well with a dash of red wine!

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