Lemon Mayonnaise - Some Inspirational Dishes

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Posted on Thu, 24/05/2018 - 11:43 by condiment-admin

Jars of our Lemon Mayonnaise

Here at The Condiment Company, we're often asked what's the best dishes for our products - and we just love answering your emails, and comments on our website!

This gave us an idea though - why not put together some articles to share our inspirational ideas for our products.

First, we'll start with our Lemon Mayonnaise - which you'll find has the perfect blend of citrussy lemon and creamy mayonnaise.

It's certainly not too citrussy, like when you sink your teeth into a whole Lemon! And it's not too weak that it doesn't even taste of Lemon - it's just perfect!

Did you know that lemons are sour because they contain a high level of an acid called Citric Acid, which is also found in many other fruits and vegetables but in much lower quantites.

So, on with the dish ideas..

Chicken Sandwhiches
With summer coming up, you may not want anything too heavy to eat for lunch, or you may find yourself needing a light bite. Well, how about a cool chicken and salad sandwhich with some Lemon Mayonnaise spread evenly across the bread. It's just delicious.

Sticking with the summery light-bite theme, our next dish is a crisp, fresh salad and all the trimmings. Add the usual lettuce, chopped tomato and sliced cucumber, throw in some onion if you fancy and perhaps some breadcrumbs or diced chicken to pad it out a little. Dollop some Lemon Mayonnaise on the side, or thin with some oil and dress your salad finely. And enjoy in the garden with a nice cold drink.

Fish & Chips
Everybody knows that lemon compliments fish in the most devine way, whether thats lemon juice squeezed over a peice of Cod, or a dollop of our Lemon Mayonnaise on the top of a fresh bit of Salmon. Chuck some home-made potato cut chips to the dish and you have a delicious English favourite.

That leads us nicely onto our last dish, Salmon. This is one of our faves - a nice fillet of salmon, with minted new potatoes, a helping of salad on the side and a good old dollop of Lemon Mayonnaise to compliment the dish. Perfect.

Of course though, you can try this with any dish or snack you wish - let us know what you do with yours in the comments section below!

You can buy our Lemon Mayonnaise online, or you may be interested in our Lemon & Cracked Pepper Dressing instead?

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