Remedies for Garlic Breath

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Posted on Wed, 11/10/2017 - 15:59 by condimentco

Garlic cloves on a chopping board with sliced lemon

Whether it's in a Spaghetti Bolognese or thrown in with a chicken dish that you're whipping up, we all love a kick of garlic in our food don't we?

But if there's one major off-putting thing with using fresh garlic to spice up your meal, it's that awful garlic breath that we all suffer from after eating it.

Did you know that fresh garlic is generally free from any odour? The odour comes from cutting, crushing or biting into the garlic.

Thankfully, you can now enjoy your favourite garlicky dish without worrying that you're going to scare away friends and family - maybe you won't hesitate to eat it on a date - because we've put together these handy remedies for garlic breath.

Brush your teeth
Yes we know, maybe this one is the obivous first point of call. Clean your teeth two or three times if you have to - the aroma is pretty hard to shift, so you may still taste or smell if after cleaning once. Also, swirl some mouth wash around and spit. Another handy tip is floss your teeth to remove any garlic stuck in between them.

Suck on a lemon
Another option is to slice up a fresh lemon and suck on it, if you can of course! In our opinion, sucking on a lemon is worse than the garlic breath itself *insert sour face emoticon here*

The acids from the lemon should remove the odour that's been left behind in your mouth.

Eat an apple
Research shows that eating an apple is an effective way of removing garlic breath, although we're yet to try this one.. We'll keep you posted!

Drink milk
Believe it or not, milk is rather good at defeating garlic breath - in the same way it's useful for cooling your mouth down when you've eaten something spicy. It's much more effective than water.

If you have any suggestions for effective remedies for garlic breath, please leave them in the comments below...

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