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The Perfect Condiments for Christmas

Our condiment jars under the Christmas tree

Christmas is coming up fast this year, and here at The Condiment Company we can't wait!!

We love a bit of Christmas, from the shopping, the pressie wrapping to the delicious spreads of food and of course the drink.

Talking of food, we are writing this post to help you decide what condiments you'll need on the big day (and boxing day - you can't beat left over food and a bit of bubble and squeak!).

Hollandaise Sauce
Hollandaise SauceMay we start with the delicious Hollandaise Sauce?!

We make this with the most devine recipe; you'll find it has a perfectly smooth and buttery texture with a hint of lemon coming through.

It's great for making an Eggs Benedict (recipe here) and even more delicious if served with Asparagus. We're told this one is good with freshly cooked Salmon fillets, as well as being served either cold or warm on top of any of your favourite meats.

Horseradish Sauce
Horseradish Sauce
You may or may not be a fan of Horseradish Sauce. Personally, we love it.

This sauce truly will have your sandwiches zinging.. It's creamy with a nose clearing bite!

Delicous mixed into mash potato or even for spicing up your Bloody Mary; our Horseradish Sauce is perfect with hot or cold beef - a must have meat on your Christmas dinner!!

Stilton Dip
Stilton DipYou've eaten your Christmas dinner, slept it off and now you're feeling a little peckish waiting for your Christmas Day soaps..

We not reach for the Stiltop Dip; with a perfect balance of Stilton cheese, cheese lovers will not be disappointed by its strong flavour.

It's great dipping crisps, breadsticks and tortillas into this one.

Bearnaise Sauce
Bearnaise Sauce
You'll find that our Bearnaise Sauce has the perfect recipe; combining rich butter with the most delicious tarragon, together forming the most delicious Bearnaise Sauce imaginable.

If you're anything like us, you'll have plently of meat left over after Christmas Day and Boxing day are over. You've used it with salads, currys, you name it you've tried to use your meats up.

Bearnaise Sauce is absolutely great served with cold meats. Served hot, cold or warm it'll compliment all those left over meats nicely.

We hope this little list gives you some ideas of meats that you can have over Christmas.

Don't forget to have a little look at our Christmas Gift Packs section to see what condiments we have rustled together especially for Christmas time.

You can buy all of our condiments through the secure Shop section of our website, or for simplicity at this hectic time of year you can browse through our Christmas Gift Pack section and order perfect packs of christmassy condiments.

NB: We've been asked by a number of customers in the past few weeks about our Cranberry & Stilton Sauce. Unfortunately we aren't currently offering this product.

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